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Gutter Guards Reviews 2015

Having so many gutter guards on the market it can prove challenging picking the correct one for you, so we thought being the experts we can shed a light on the subject. So without further delay here is our gutter guards review for 2015.

Wired Mesh- Whilst this can prevent leafs and big bits of moss from collecting in your gutters its not fool proof. Smaller bits of moss can sit on the mesh or make it through still, over time the rain water will not make it in to the guttering and run down the fascia, this will in turn cause more severe problems as the wood may start to rot or run down your walls and cause damp or water damage to your property. The other problem with mesh is fixing it to the guttering usually its fitted by bending it to the shape of the gutters and hoping a wind does not cause it to dislodge. Or you can fix it in with cable ties again this will keep it in place but when you need to clean the gutters it will prove a nuisance. Price £4-£6 per 6 meters. Overall Score 4/10

Plastic Square Guards- Unfortunately this product holds similar issues to the wired mesh, the plastic guards gaps are even smaller then the one’s on the mesh. This means blockages are even more likely and  once again the issue of cable ties being required is still present. The only upside to the plastic option is having a choice of colours to match your gutters. Price £7-£9 per 6 meters Overall Score 3/10

Downpipe Wired Ballons/Nests- The way we explain this to customers is downpipes are a set size for a reason, Most drainage systems will comfortably deal with any debris small enough to fit down the downpipe itself. So by putting a Nest that’s restricting the overall size of debris being allowed to make it’s way down the pipe is going to cause blockages more often and in the long run cost them more time and money to put right. Price £3-£4Overall Score 1/10

Hedgehog Gutter Guard-  Now in the terms of gutter guards this is one of the newest products on the market, having hit the market in the last 4yrs the hedgehog is most certainly the preferred option of most home owners. Does this mean its the best option to date? well we would have to say yes, the reasoning behind this is simple really. The very shape of it is made for gutters like a glove to a hand, the round bristles are spaced so closely together that nothing much can break its defences. The moss and leafs that hit the hedgehog usually roll straight off or if they do get stuck are usually blown away when a gust of wind hits them. We are not saying this is the end of gutter cleaning as over a course of time some debris will get caught in the bristles, but we guarantee they will reduce the need of having your gutters cleaned so regularly. The other handy feature of this product is they have unique clips that easily clip on and off of the guttering to hold the product in place. Price £20-£25 per 4 meters, 20 clips £6-£8. Overall Score 8/10

I can guarantee to all readers this review is in no way biased and 100% based on our companies past experiences, we hope this has helped you in your choice of gutter guard system.