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Guttering Repair Tips/Hints

Gutter repairs can be easy or challenging depending on what sort of repair is needed, a simple leak from a joiner, outlet, corner or end cap is easily repaired if its upvc guttering the leak will be due to a damaged/aged rubber on the effected area.

To repair the leaking area there is 2 options 1. you can use a sealant and apply directly over the leak you can do this externally or internally on the gutter we usually recommend externally as it wont affect the rain flow or allow debris to get caught on it as it may do if not applied properly internally, i would recommend a decent sealant such as CT1 or The Works as not only will they last longer they can also be applied if wet which is almost impossible with a low quality sealant.

Or option 2. replace the joiner/outlet etc which is in our expert opinion is the best option as it will last a lot longer, you will need to put the ladders preferably underneath the guttering on the fascia which will make un-clipping the part easier or you can put it just to the right or the left of the part needing un-clipping, make sure you have someone footing the ladder or have a bag of sand to put on the bottom rung to prevent the ladder from slipping out, once you have done this you will need a Phillips screw driver/drill or flat head to unscrew the part once you have removed the screws from the fascia simply un-clip the part and replace it with the new part, once you have put it up you will need to put the screws back in the same point they was removed as your gutters should have been properly aligned when they was originally installed and they may not flow properly if the joiners/outlets etc are higher or lower then the required height, once you have clipped and screwed the part back on you can run a bottle of water in the gutters to make sure they are running correctly and there is no leaks, to replace and end cap is as simple as un-clipping the old part and clipping the new part back on.

If you have cast iron gutters the repair can be a bit more challenging, you will need to inspect the leak as cast iron gutters will rust and corrode over time and what might seem like a slight leak could be a lot more wide spread, clean all the debris from around the leak and press on the area to check if the gutter is solid and in a condition to be repaired, if its a slight leak a sealant can be used again if there is a slight hole you can dry the guttering and apply a patch of lead flashing on the inside of the gutter you will need to press it down firmly and for extra peace of mind apply sealant round the edges of the patch, anything bigger you will definitely need to call in a professional guttering service to carry out the work safely.


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