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Lewisham’s Trusted Gutter Experts: London Gutter Clean & Repair Est. 2011

Since 2011, London Gutter Clean & Repair has been Lewisham’s go-to company for professional gutter cleaning. Backed by hundreds of happy customers and positive reviews on Google and Which? Trusted Traders dating back to 2013, we offer a meticulous service that goes beyond just clearing debris.

A Meticulous Clean with Added Value:

Our hand-cleaning approach with extension poles ensures a superior clean and inspection:

  • Thorough Inspection: Manual cleaning allows us to thoroughly inspect your gutters for any underlying issues.
  • Free Basic Repairs Included: Minor problems like leaky joints or slight adjustments are fixed at no extra cost during your clean.
  • Metal Gutter Assessment: For metal gutters, extensive damage may necessitate replacement. We’ll assess the condition and recommend the best course of action.
  • 3-6 Month Guarantees: Our workmanship for cleaning and minor repairs comes with a 3-6 month guarantee.
  • Which? Trusted Trader Award Winners: Our dedication to quality is recognised by Which? Trusted Traders.

Why We Prioritize Hand Cleaning (But Adapt When Needed):

While we primarily use hand cleaning for a more thorough inspection, we understand there might be situations where vacuums are necessary. In such cases, we’ll use them with caution:

  • Clip Protection: We take steps to minimize clip damage when using vacuums.
  • Downpipe Clearing: We ensure complete blockage removal from downpipes to prevent future issues.

Expert Gutter Repairs and Replacements:

London Gutter Clean & Repair offers comprehensive gutter solutions beyond cleaning:

  • Gutter Repairs and Replacements: We handle everything from leak repairs to complete gutter replacements.
  • Fascia & Soffit Replacement: We offer fascia and soffit replacements in wood or cladding, with a variety of colours to complement your property.
  • Metal or Plastic Guttering: We can replace existing plastic or metal gutters with more durable options like cast iron or aluminium.
  • Guaranteed Workmanship: Our gutter repairs come with a 2-year guarantee, while replacements have a 6-8 year guarantee.

Expert Installation for Optimal Performance:

We’ve encountered countless instances of improper gutter installations in Lewisham. Here’s what sets our installations apart:

  • Proper Fall & Alignment: We ensure your gutters are angled correctly, with the downpipe being the lowest point and furthest sections slightly higher for optimal water flow and minimal blockages.
  • Industry Standards: We strictly adhere to industry standards to extend the lifespan of your gutters and prevent future problems.

With a proven track record and a commitment to quality, London Gutter Clean & Repair is the clear choice for all your gutter needs in Lewisham. Contact us today for a free quote!

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