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Is overflowing rainwater causing a headache in your Hackney home?

Don’t let blocked gutters become a cascading problem! Here at London Gutter Clean & Repair (established in 2011, Which? Trusted Trader Award winner), we offer expert gutter cleaning services designed to keep your Hackney property functioning smoothly and prevent costly water damage.

Why Gutter Maintenance Matters in Hackney

Hackney’s vibrant mix of residential streets, parks, and bustling canals can take a toll on your gutters. Leaves, twigs, and debris can accumulate quickly, blocking the flow of rainwater. This can lead to overflowing gutters, posing a serious threat to your Hackney property:

  • Water Damage: Overflowing gutters can cause water to seep into walls, ceilings, and foundations, leading to expensive repairs and potential mould growth in damp environments.
  • Foundation Problems: Water pooling around your foundation can weaken it over time, causing cracks and structural issues.

Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning with London Gutter Clean & Repair

While DIY gutter cleaning might seem like a quick fix, professional services like ours in Hackney offer several advantages:

  • Safety First: Our trained technicians at London Gutter Clean & Repair have the equipment and expertise to safely clean your gutters, eliminating the risk of falls or injuries.
  • Thorough Cleaning, Guaranteed: We go beyond surface debris. We meticulously clean your gutters and downpipes, ensuring proper water flow and preventing future blockages. Our work is guaranteed for 3-6 months for your peace of mind.
  • Expert Inspections Included: Our technicians go beyond cleaning by inspecting your gutters for any damage and offering solutions to keep them functioning optimally.
  • Free Minor Repairs on the Spot: Save money on minor gutter repairs with every clean! We fix most leaks at no additional cost (where reachable).

Why Choose London Gutter Clean & Repair for Hackney Gutter Cleaning?

London Gutter Clean & Repair has been keeping Hackney’s gutters flowing freely since 2011. We’re a company built on quality service and customer satisfaction, evidenced by our prestigious Which? Trusted Trader Award.

  • Fixed & Transparent Pricing: Our quotes are always upfront and fixed, so there are no hidden surprises.
  • High-Rise Cleaning Expertise: Worried about those hard-to-reach gutters on your Hackney home? No problem! Our specialists can handle high-rise buildings up to 4 storeys without scaffolding.
  • Hackney Expertise: We understand the unique challenges of Hackney’s architecture and are familiar with the specific needs of local properties.
  • Friendly & Reliable Teams: Our courteous and professional staff are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and minimizing disruption to your Hackney property during the cleaning process.

Schedule Your Free Quote Today!

Don’t let clogged gutters disrupt the tranquillity of your Hackney home. Contact London Gutter Clean & Repair today for a free, no-obligation quote and experience the difference a professional cleaning can make. Schedule your service and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained gutter system!

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Gutter Replacement Hackney 


We are happy to assist all Hackney residents with there enquiries. Boasting 13 years in the gutter installation business we really know our stuff, not only will the new guttering look nice it will be put up correctly ads well, so its always has a slight drop towards the downpipes. Incorrectly fitted gutters will encourage blockages and water damage. All our replacement work has a set guarantee of 10 years for the customers peace of mind.

Gutter Repairs Hackney 

All our repairs come with a 3 to 10 year guarantee depending on the work needing to be carried out. Sometimes we can patch up a leak with sealant or if its metal guttering we use a fibreglass coating system, if the leaky gutter is beyond repair we will quote to replace the part in question.

Roof Cleaning Hackney E8

When it comes to roof cleaning in the E8 area we know what our customers expect and always deliver. With staff with a vast amount of roofing expertise we can safely move over rooftops with out causing damage. We will inspect the roof and the tiles and choose the best method to clean the rooftop, we can use a low power pressure washer or a wire brush to remove the moss. After completion we will clear all mess from around the property and gutters, finally applying a solution that will halt the moss from returning so soon. All workers are fully uniformed and insured for all external work, not only are they trained professionals but we often get commended on our friendly personalities, and willingness to go the extra mile for customers.

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